Campti Historic Museum  Campti, Louisiana

Campti Historic Museum
Campti, Louisiana

Campti Field of Dreams, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to improving the quality of life of residents in underserved communities. Located in Campti, Louisiana, the organization helps to create community capital by implementing projects in the following areas:

Cultural Heritage: In 2001 Campti Field of Dreams started the Campti Historic Museum. A collection of local history memorabilia and artifacts, the exhibits pay homage to local veterans, authors and artists and the tools and implements of everyday life. The museum serves as a hub for the research and documentation of local history being compiled into a nomination for the National Register of Historic Places. The process along with oral history excerpts and other media will be shared through this blog.

Local Food Production: The need for good nutritious food in depressed communities has gotten national attention thanks to First Lady Michelle Obama. Campti Field of Dreams has organized and manages three community gardens – two in the City of Natchitoches and one in the Town of Campti to provide access to fresh fruits and vegetables in distressed areas. As we get ready to plant our Spring/Summer crops we will share the roller-coaster ride that is called farming with you.

Green Rehabilitation: Campti is listed as the eighth poorest place in America with a population over 1,000 based on the 2010 Census of the Median Household Income. With a median household income of $13,693 over 45% of the population lives in poverty. This leaves very little to invest in upgrading the building stock. Increasingly, sub-standard trailer parks become their only option for shelter. There is a critical need for affordable housing. We hope to address this need through creative place-making, by implementing a community revitalization initiative that combines historic preservation with green building to create healthy affordable places to live, work and play.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Job creation is the key to creating community wealth. However, the type of job is critical because low-wage jobs without basic benefits in corporations headquartered elsewhere can do more to drain the local economy than help it. Our focus is on creating high-wage jobs in locally owned businesses. We facilitate local entrepreneurship initiatives that are: environmentally sensitive, socially just and economically viable. CFOD is about to launch its first Farmers’ Market with an emphasis on local produce, arts and crafts. You will have a front row seat as we track these fledgling businesses.


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